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My name is Tina Matthews, owner of Red Apple Tutoring, LLC. I am a retired Hillsborough County, Florida public school teacher. I have a Master's Degree from U.S.F. in Elementary Education/Curriculum. As a teacher, I was certified to teach all subject areas at the Elementary Level (Grades 1-6), Middle Grades (5-9) Math, and Gifted Students. In addition I also had my ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) endorsement.


My Expertise

 The first half my teaching career was spent at the Elementary level teaching all subjects in a multi-age classroom of third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders. The second half of my classroom years was teaching math subjects (6th grade to Honors Algebra) at the Middle grades level. I have been a private tutor for the past five (5) years working with Elementary, Middle, and High School Students in subjects ranging from Spelling to Honors Geometry. Math is my favorite subject in which to tutor students; however, I'm equally adept at working within the other subject areas.


Personalized Lessons

Generally, I like to work one-on-one with students in a face-to-face environment. I usually meet students at the public library nearest to their home and request a private meeting space, whenever possible, to limit distractions. In some instances, I will meet with a student in their own home. I am available after school, most holidays, and on the weekends. 

10 Signs Your Child needs a tutor

1. Avoiding School

"I don't feel good," is a phrase you'll hear from your child who struggles with school. Going to the nurse's office or calling home while at school are sure signs your child needs the support of a tutor.

2. Sour Attitude

Watch for an overwhelming amount of emotion when homework time comes each night. If your child shuts down or throws a tantrum, your child may need the insight of a tutor.

3. Test Scores

There are times when your child's test scores just don't seem to make sense because it does not reflect your child's daily performance at school.

4. Dishonesty

If you are constantly hearing from your child he/she doesn't have homework, this is a red flag especially for upper grades.

5. Careless

When your child seems unmotivated to please you or his/her teacher and do class work or testing, there is a reason beneath it and a tutor can help you find it.

6. Confidence

 If your child is consistently beating themselves down because of a poor grade or performance at school, a tutor can help build his/her self-esteem again. 

7. Learning Disabilities

 When a child struggles, he/she may have ADD, dyslexia, an auditory processing disorder, etc. A tutor can help guide you to find a study regiment that works for your child. 

8. Poor Time Management

 If homework is taking longer than it really should, your child could benefit from working with a tutor who can help him/her find systems to increase their productivity.

9. Extreme Anxiety

If your child feels fearful or tests or is even physically sick, a tutor can help your child find test taking strategies to help them conquer his/her fears.

10. Hopeless

If you or your child have given up because it seems that no matter what you try, it's just not working. Contact a tutor today to help you problem solve and come up with a solution that gets your child back on track.

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Every student has unique needs for support. Tell me more about what you are hoping a tutor can do for you, and I will start on a plan to help you get what you need.